ALPINE ENDEAVORS is honored to be the exclusive guide service for Mohonk Mountain House and its guests.

We are accredited by the American Mountain Guides Association, all of our guides are New York State licensed for climbing, skilled in first aid, and certified by the American Mountain Guides Association.

We operate daily throughout the Shawangunks, including the Mohonk Preserve and Minnewaska State Park.

Our rock season at Sky Top runs from April 1 through November 30, for overnight guests and day meal guests of Mohonk Mountain House.





Experience Rock Climbing at Sky Top!

Sky Top is the most dramatic view on the Shawangunk Ridge.
Its prominent face and stone tower stand out boldly along the northern ridge and can be seen for miles from the valley below. Sky Top is home to over 300 documented rock climbs, many of which are sought-after classics to Gunks climbers, routes such as: Lakeview, Strawberry Yogurt, Petie’s Spare Rib, Sound and Fury, Foops, Supercrack, Grey Face, Jekyll and Hyde, Pilgrim’s Progress, and more.


Sky Top

As of 5/30/10 both Overnight guests and Day Meal guests of Mohonk Mountain House can participate in rock climbing at Sky Top while escorted by an authorized guide from Alpine Endeavors.

Climbing will be available seven days a week, from April 1 through November 30. Due to insurance concerns, and interaction with other Mohonk Mountain House scheduled events, only those overnight or day meal guests escorted with an Alpine Endeavors authorized guide will be allowed to climb at Sky Top. Unescorted guests, day guests, and the public are not permitted to rock climb at Sky Top at this time.


Mohonk Mountain House Lake Mohonk

Climbing at Sky Top will be offered to all ability levels -- from complete beginners to experienced climbers. Sky Top offers an abundance of high quality rock climbing on routes of all difficulties. If you have never rock climbed before, or are an advanced climber, Sky Top will provide you with an incredible experience you will never forget.

There are three options available daily to overnight guests and day meal guests*:

• Overnight & day meal* guests can book an all-day session, 9am–5pm

• Overnight & day meal* guests can attend a half-day sessions as available:
Morning: 9am-1pm
Afternoon: 2pm-6pm

• Private group outings for overnight and day meal* guests up to 20 participants

*Day meal guests will only be able to make Climbing reservation 30 days or less in advance of the date they would like to climb. All interested day meal guests will need to have a credit card confirmed meal reservation in order to make a climbing reservation for either breakfast, lunch, dinner, or brunch

To maximize the experience and instruction for Mohonk Mountain House guests, all programs will maintain a low climber to guide ratio. Guests can choose to hire a guide privately or participate with a group.

Here are the suggested ratios:
For multi-pitch rock climbing, 1:1 to 2:1
For single pitch and/or group programs, 1:1 to 4:1

In addition to basic climbing instruction and guiding, more advanced technical skills will be available. For more information on the advanced courses offered to overnight guests at Mohonk Mountain House, please view our Sky Top Climbing Courses.


For overnight reservations at Mohonk Mountain House , please call 1-800-772-6646 and specify your interest in rock climbing. .


To book an overnight reservation and rock climbing at Sky Top, please contact:

Mohonk Mountain House

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